Many of you have asked me to continue my little series on Image Quality Settings for the newer Fujifilm cameras, especially for the X100V. But of course all we will talk about today also applies to the X-Pro3, the X-T4 and the X-S10 and everything that will be announced I guess.

So today it’s about the Color Chrome Settings. On the one hand we have the Color Chrome Effect. What it does: The luminance is removed from the strongly saturated colors of an image in order to gain some texture on the other side. I could summarize: bright and lively colors are emphasized by more or less strong darkening.

The same applies in principle to the other setting, the Color Chrome FX Blue. Only that this is limited to the blue tones, which can be used particularly well when taking pictures with blue skies. Here, too, reducing the luminance makes the textures or color gradations within the sky more visible again.

Now you could of course adjust these settings in the camera, take a picture, look at the Jpeg, change the setting and so on. But Fujifilm offers the beautiful free X RAW Studio, where we can wonderfully look directly at the effects with RAW files.

More in this video one my YT Channel: