Rumors Talk: A successor to the X-T3 (X-T4, X-T3s) may come in spring 2020!

According to, a successor to Fujifilm’s flagship X-T3 may appear already this spring. Will it be a X-T4 or a X-T3s??? I am talking about it and what you can expect from a new model, what rather not and what I personally hope for. What hardware specs will it offer regarding battery, IBIS, LSD, sensor, processor made even a body made fo titanium? Is the successor coming with the same software features like the X-Pro3? – Classic Neg film simulation (that’s the official name, as far as I know) – Settings for Monochromatic Color – Clarity setting – Color chrome blue – Autofocus at the minimum luminance of -6EV – AF range limiter function – HDR Shooting options – Multiple exposures of up to 9 frames – Tonal curve processing in camera What about video specs, will it have 6k options? Will it maybe be a camera sepcific for video shooters….?

The two rumors regarding the X-T3 successor

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