Today I want to show you my favorite camera strap system and that is called „C-Rope”.

I assume the C stands for Cologne, because the manufacturer is based there and therefore very close to me. But I didn’t know that when I decided to buy the first piece. I was looking for a nice strap for my X-Pro 3 and I wanted to have a system with which I could switch between wrist strap and strap. It should be stable, simple and good looking.

After some research, I stumbled upon this system and I bought this wrist strap, called „The Claw“  and this strap called „The Urbanist“ first. And after some time of using it I was absolutely thrilled and then noticed that the Company C-Rope is only 50 kilometers from here.

Left: “The Traveler”. Right: “The Urbanist”.

Well, I contacted the guys  and asked if they were interested in a review. Their response was extremely friendly and they provided a 15% discount exclusively for my followers,  that you can use on the whole basket if you go on their website to buy something.

Use code:

But please note, that for now they only deliver to Germany and to some other countries in Europe, check out their website to see if they deliver to your place.

Well in addition, they sent me a second strap for testing. It’s called “The Traveller”. And now it’s time for a disclaimer: Keep in mind, that I don’t get any money for this article, nor am I told what to write about the product. I can and will express my opinion freely. Thank you very much.

But now let’s have a closer look, what we get here:
The principle of the system is based on these anchors that have to be attached to the camera.

They are braided from very thin paracord and secured with a leather cover. They have a connector here and If you pull on it you can tell that nothing can happen. The connector is made of plastic, but that’s a good thing, otherwise the camera would get scratched. The counterpart on the strap is made of metal. The anchors are attached to the camera or the split ring. Triangle split rings are also included in the package.

The strap or hand strap is then connected to the clip. After connecting you realize: Because of the thin paracord, you have a lot of flexibility. The whole thing can be moved in all directions and nothing is in the way. Very good!

The Urbanist

Urbanist is consistently round and around 15mm thick. The Traveler is flat with a widening about half the length, but in the middle of the strap. The structure of the “Claw” is a little different again. Narrower than the Traveler but also flat and with a metal adjustment ring.

The Claw

Regarding quality the straps convince me across the board. Everything is braided from paracord, if you pull it strongly, you can tell that they are very durable. When you use them for the first time they may seem a little stiff, but that will subside over time.

Both straps are available in two different lengths, each in 100 and 125cm, both calculated on the total length with anchor. My urbanist here is 100cm long and hangs roughly in front of my belly.

This makes it really perfect for a walk through the city where I don’t carry a lot of other stuff. I don’t necessarily have to be able to turn my camera on my back, even if it works great here. But then a few cm would be better.

My Traveler, on the other hand, is 125cm long, and therefore actually better suited for a diagonal carry. Due to the flat shape of the strap, you can move the camera very easily from the side to the front and still have enough space to be able to take photos directly.

The Traveler

The wrist strap is about 30cm long without anchor and ring. Despite my large hands, I have relatively thin wrists. But I don’t pull the wrist strap very tight either. In any case, I have enough space to operate the camera very well, I am not disturbed by the loop and still have the security that it cannot just fall off.

The two shoulder straps are currently available in three colors: in black, like my urbanist here, in red dots, like the Traveler here and in a green.

Six colors are available for the hand strap. There is also really colorful stuff, take a look at the website.

You can also find information about the company on the website: C-Rope is a small startup founded by three photographers. I think everything they write about their company on the website is incredibly likeable. For example, that they clearly distance themselves from the structures of large companies whose only goal is to make profits with poor products. And that they want to offer one-time purchases that should provide you with maximum support for a lifetime when taking photos. Nice, isn’t it?

And if you have a look at the packaging, you can fell the passion of the guys somehow.

Maybe I will ask them for an interview on my YT-channel. I think it’s not every day that three photographers dare to found a startup and produce their own stuff. In any case, I wish them all the best and much success! And maybe the system will soon be available in your country.