Fujifilm JPEG Recipes

 A talk with photographer and author Thomas B. Jones

Recently I got the chance to do my first interview on my YouTube-Channel with the German-American photographer Thomas B. Jones. Thomas has written a (german) book with Jpeg recipes for Fujifilm cameras – a collection of custom settings that can be used to achieve great looks for a lot of occasions. But that’s not all: In the book Thomas explains how you can find your own individual settings and an unique look. I was happy to speak to him about all of this.

His book “22 Jpeg Rezepte für Fujifilm-X Kameras” is currently only available in German. But every comment below the video on YT is helpful on the way to an English translation!

But if you want to order it anyway, please use this link: https://bildnerverlag.de/detail/index/sArticle/719?sPartner=jones


I am and was not paid for doing the video, not even for linking the book here.

Thomas B. Jones Youtube-Channel (german) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVobE_38zAnkUUTwmoF79Ng

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